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Harshita Foods

 Chicken Dum Biryani..
Ex Tax:₹290.0/-
 Chicken SP Biryani..
Ex Tax:₹320.0/-
Chicken Fry..
Ex Tax:₹280.0/-
Harshita Chicken Fry Biryani
Best Selling
Chicken Fry Biryani - Harshita (Chinna Amiram)..
Ex Tax:₹290.0/-
Prawn Biryani (Harshita / Chinna amiram Biryani)..
Ex Tax:₹330.0/-
Mixed BirMixed Biryaniyani..
Ex Tax:₹380.0/-
MT Biryani
Best Selling
MT Biryani..
Ex Tax:₹170.0/-
Best Selling
Ex Tax:₹40.0/-
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